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Learning Objective: I can write descriptive a/an sentences about a waterfall.



For today's task, we will be looking at a setting description of a waterfall. This is like the waterfall from our class book, 'The Rhythm of the Rain'. Watch the Youtube video below and the picture from the book and imagine what it would be like to be near a waterfall. Once you have done this, read the example of a setting description below to see what we are aiming to be able to write by the end of this unit of work. Don't worry, for today's task we will be just writing sentences about the waterfall.





For today's learning, we will be recapping on when you should use a and when you should use an. Look at the poster below to remind yourself of the rule. Once you have done this, listen to the sound of the waterfall and focus on the picture before writing your sentence. Each sentence must contain a or an and should contain an adjective and perhaps a preposition. I have included some examples below.


A wonderous waterfall attracts wildlife from the vast jungle.


An array of African animals wash and play in the rushing water.




🐦 Waterfall Scenery in Tropical Rainforest

Setting Description Example

Reading - Read the text below and see if you can find 4 different ways that rivers are useful for humans.