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Geography is a very important subject when it comes to understanding the diverse country we live in, and the wider world as a whole. Here at The Berkeley we strive to teach children about the diverse and fascinating nature of cultures, people and places, while having great fun through our hands-on learning approach.


Through a variety of styles and techniques we enjoy creating an environment where the children can embrace the global aspects of learning. We like to tie our School drivers into our teaching of geography, in particular developing our knowledge and understanding of the world through an enquiry lead approach.


We are also proud to say that we achieved the Primary Geography Quality Mark for our teaching and learning in Geography.

This term at The Berkeley we have been applying our Geography skills in our topics and have been learning new skills and developing existing ones.


In Key Stage 1 we have been enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the world by using atlases to discover the continents and oceans that make up our planet.

In Key Stage 2 we have consolidated our map skills by identifying similarities and differences between European countries using topographical and political charts.  Also we have been developing our understanding of human geography by comparing and contrasting a European and a non European country. we have been researching about population, population density as well as. cultural and ethnic statistics.

we have also tied our geography skills in with our other topic areas, by discussing different religions with our human geography, and looking at historical changes to maps and countries by looking at the maps throughout the ages.


Looking at examples of some of the work you can definitely see how engaged and excited we are about our learning!