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If you want to have a look at some past papers with support you should REALLY take a look at these videos.

They explain questions and answers for Maths, SPaG and Reading. They are helpful for parents to understand how challenging the tests are and the sorts of questions that you will be asked.

2022 Year 6 SATs Maths Paper 2 'Reasoning 1' Walkthrough

Join in with Dylan as he goes through the first reasoning paper from the 2022 Key Stage 2 SATs assessments. Check out our 'Paper 1: Arithmetic' Walkthrough: Check out our 'Paper 3: Reasoning 2' Walkthrough: You can download the paper yourself from the Gov website here: Why not check out our website?

The ULTIMATE 2023 Year 6 SATs English Reading Comprehension Guide (MUST WATCH!)

In this video, Hayden goes through his top tips and strategies to master the SATs reading comprehension test. The perfect revision tool for the 2023 SATs papers. Chapters: 00:00 Test info 04:08 Strategies 11:11 How to check properly 13:24 Three-markers 17:33 Question and answer examples