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Home School Partnership

A Partnership between Home and School

Central to our school philosophy is that we will only achieve the best we can when children, parents and staff work together as a team. We hope that parents feel part of the school community and will get as involved as much as possible in all aspects of school life. Parents are encouraged to be involved with their children’s learning by attending parents’ evenings, reading progress reports, weekly home reading, supporting them to complete homework and becoming involved with FOBS, Friends of The Berkeley School.


The Home School Agreement is a document which parents and children are invited to sign, and sets out clearly some of the key responsibilities of the school, parents and children.


The Responsibilities of the School

  • To teach effectively, and set the highest standards in work and behaviour
  • To provide access for all pupils to the full National Curriculum
  • To provide opportunities for children to develop their individual strengths and that enable them to achieve his / her full potential
  • To set and mark homework regularly as set out in the homework policy
  • To keep parents informed about general school matters and child’s progress
  • Provide a welcoming, secure and happy environment where value is given to individual worth, self esteem and mutual support
  •  To help children to make a contribution to the community and the environment


The Responsibilities of Parents

  • To encourage children to develop positive attitudes towards school, learning, other people and themselves
  • To make sure that children come to school regularly, on time and in school uniform, refreshed alert and ready to work To support children’s learning by taking an interest in both school work and homework
  • To support the authority of the school, particularly in matters of discipline
  • To communicate with the school on matters which might affect a child’s behaviour or work
  • To attend parents evenings and work with the school wherever possible


The Responsibilities of Children

  • To come to school regularly, on time, prepared to do all work set to the best of their ability
  • To be well organised and bring the correct equipment to school
  • To wear their school uniform with pride everyday
  • To complete all homework set
  • To treat other people and their belongings with respect
  • To respect the school buildings /grounds
  • To follow the school rules and expectations, taking responsibility for their actions