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We are very lucky as a school that we have lots of ways for you to practise your learning at home.  Below is a list of all the websites and activities you might like to use to keep learning at home.  Each week, we will update this page to tell you which ones we definitely want you to do.  If you want to do some others as well as the ones which are set for your homework then great!  We will be checking that everybody as done at least what we have asked them to each week so make sure you check back on this page on a Friday to see what your homework tasks are.  If you have any trouble accessing the homework that is set then please let us know via  Have fun learning at home!


List of websites and activities:

  • Spelling Shed
  • MyMaths
  • Times Tables Rockstars
  • Numbots
  • Reading (as often as possible!)
  • Handwriting practise
  • An activity from the Topic Grid 






All of your homework has been set on Teams this week.  Your maths, spelling and reading tasks are all explained on there.  Don't forget to upload a photo of your work so that we can see it!