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Advice for working at home.


Ideally you will need:

At least one  A4 lined notebook.

A squared notebook.

Comfortable pen.

Pencils and coloured pencils.

Maths set (Ruler, protractor, rubber)

Several good books that you are able to read fluently.



Firstly create a timetable for the days you are studying so that you are focused on what you want to learn about. Model this on the school day. Work hard but take breaks.

Use the online sites to support your learning - there are lots out there to look at. Some are to be used online, some will provide resources.

Aim to vary between online activities and written activities.


The SAT papers provided should be completed independently as proper tests in the the same time conditions. Aim to complete just one a day and ask parents to mark them with you. There is a website listed which will take you to Youtube step by step guidance of past SAT papers. You may wish to watch this before doing the tests as you will find this!

Further test type papers can be downloaded easily and for free. The website is linked.

You can purchase great CGP books from WHSmith which are full of really good activities.


Think about what you will have achieved during your time off. It is important you do keep working hard at home to maintain the excellent progress you have made this year. Focus on your targets.       For example if your handwriting needs developing keep practising so that you can show how much you have improved.


We will keep in touch via the school website which we will update regularly and you can use teacher email if you have any questions.

There is a huge amount of resources and support  and information online using the websites listed so use those as your first port of call. There is no specific requirements of you needing to learn new things, just keep working on areas you are familiar with.

Any work you do will be of enormous benefit – don’t get hung up on specifics.


At this stage we don't know whether the SAT tests scheduled for May will still take place but we should continue to work hard and be proactive in your learning.


We are really proud of everything you have achieved so far this year and look forward to seeing all the things you complete during this time.

Look after yourselves.

Mrs Moffett and Mr Birchenough.