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Homework set 16.10.2020

Back to the Stone Age Poem


Your homework this week is a reading comprehension about the Stone Age. Use skim and scan to find the answers and then write them in your book using full sentences. Once you have finished, submit this homework using Microsoft Teams. For help on how to do this, read our remote learning plan which contains a step-by-step guide and can be found at the bottom of this page.



1. What date did the poet select on the time machine?


2. What period of time had the poet gone back to?


3. What scary, grey animals had thick, matted fur?


4. How did the hunter claim his food in the river?


5. Look at the verse beginning 'The boy grabbed his arrow...


Find and copy one word that means the same as surprised.


6. What sound was made in the woods?


7. How are houses today different to those in the Stone Age?


Your own opinion questions - These questions are asking for your own thoughts about the poem.


8. Would you have liked to have lived in the Stone Age? Why?


9. Did you enjoy the poem? Which was your favourite/least favourite part?