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This week we are focusing on INDIA.


There are a few geography lessons in the stars below.  Apologies that there is a bit of map work which does rely on printing.  If this isn't possible then please don't worry about it.


Alternatives could be:

  • Pieces of writing about India (an information page or a report)
  • Powerpoint about India divided into sections eg a slide on location, a slide on climate, a slide on food, a slide on population etc
  • Making Indian food (you will find links to recipes below)
  • Drawing rangoli patterns

Holi celebrations

Can you find out more about the Holi celebrations in India?

Why not try making cardboard figures of Prahlad and Holika to act out the story of Holi?


Holi Cards

Did you know that in India people send cards to each other during the Holi celebrations?

Some of the cards have jokes in them, whilst others have messages of love like a Valentine’s card. You could design your own Holi card, which says ‘Happy Holi’ on the front. Remember Holi is a very colourful celebration, so make sure they are bright.


Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in India. You could make a picture of the Taj Mahal by using white chalk on a black card background.


Firework art

Many colourful fireworks are let off during the Holi celebrations. Why not try some finger painting and create your own firework pictures?