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Tuesday 1st of December


Well well well, its the first of December! I hope you all enjoyed the first day of your advent calendar. Today in Class 4 we had double the amount of Christmas spirit to make up for Class 3. It has been weird not seeing you this week but we hope you are safe and happy. 


We took our letters to Father Christmas today, and I spoke to the man in the big red suit myself and he said that even though Class 3 couldn't post theirs today, that he would still do his best to send you something. December is very busy but he has some time still. 


Take it easy!


Mr Nixon

20th of November


Good afternoon! Another packed week of learning this week, we have been embracing Autumn and the changes in seasons in our art, even if its meant the weather hasn't always been the best!


We have also been trying our hand at building super structures, having looked at how and where people live has changed. We had to figure out how to stabilise it before it fell over!


With our funky fingers we decided to have a go at creating images of the flags of the world using the peg boards, and some of them look terrific!


Also, don't forget to share any remote learning you do at home with us on Tapestry, we miss you and would love to see what you are getting up to.


Mr Nixon, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Capper

W/C 9th November- Remembrance


This week, Year 1 have been looking at all things remembrance. During our afternoon provision we have written acrostic poems and designed medals fit for a soldier. We have also done some bottle top stamping to make poppies of our very own.

Friday 23rd of October


Happy half term everybody! What a fantastic start to Year 1 you have all had, despite everything that has gone on you have all come to school with the attitude for learning and beaming smiles. We could not be prouder of you.


Have a safe week off, and we have sent you home some things to practise which you can keep at home.


See you soon!


Year 1 Team

Friday 16th October


Hello again everyone, looks like we missed a week last week with our update, so its a bumper one today!


We started working on our talk for writing topic, peace at last, this week and have practised our actions for retelling the story. Ask your children if they can perform it for you at home, they are really good!


In maths we have continued with our place value work, comparing numbers and using mathematical language to explain the differences. We also have been ordering numbers based on size, and we worked up to 20 which was great to see.


In PE today we carried on with our throwing and catching, working really hard to catch with one hand. Some of us improved on our continuous catching record, our highest was over 30!


It has been quite the week and we would like to continue to praise the children for their positive attitude and their behaviour in school, we would not be able to do all these entertaining activities without them!


Mr Nixon, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Capper



Friday 2nd October


Hi again everyone!


We have been working really well again this week improving our counting and sorting skills. We sorted a variety of objects by their key characteristics and by some slightly less obvious traits. We also worked on our understanding of how we can represent numbers, as groups, numerals and as words. It was quite tricky but we enjoyed it.

Friday 27th September


Good afternoon! We have been working hard this week using our provision time to focus on our reading, writing and maths skills. We have been sorting shapes by type this week, as well as practising our motor skills with pin board activities. 

Friday 18th September 


Below are some photos of activities we have been doing in our continuous provision this week. We have been identifying shapes, finding buried treasure in the sand, sorting objects and creating patterns with multilink and other blocks.


In PE today we have been further developing our throwing and catching skills and trying to move further and further from our partners to challenge our ability.

Friday 11th of September


Good afternoon!


Today your children have come home with passwords for Spelling Shed stuck into their diaries. A letter will be going out on Monday to explain in more detail but if you want to log on over the weekend and play some games then feel free!


This will be how we set part of our homework this year and will be set every Friday and we will be celebrating the achievements of the children who access it throughout the Year. Any issues accessing the website or using the internet, please inform your child's teacher.



Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Capper and Mr Nixon.

Friday 4th of September


Welcome back!


It has been so lovely to have all your happy smiling faces back at school this week. I know we didn't have the opportunity to get to know each other before Summer and do all the usual move up activities but we have been so impressed by how you have been this week. 


From next week we would recommend the children bring a bag in to school to put into their boxes in the corridor. This will be for their books and diaries as we are hoping to try and get back into a more normal reading routine. Children are being read with at school so hopefully we will be able to send new books home for the week. If you could continue to read with your children and sign in the diary that would be brilliant. 


A final point, as yet we have not had a delivery of fruit so please could you provide your child with both a healthy morning and afternoon snack. We will let you know when we start to regularly receive fruit again.


Thank you


Mrs LLoyd, Mrs Capper and Mr Nixon.

Class Assemblies.

Lost, and found!


Year 1 have welcomed a new visitor to our classrooms today, can anyone help our lost friend?

Nativity Practise


The nativity has been taken to new heights this week with our dress rehearsals starting in anticipation for the school and our parents watching next week. We are still loving every minute!

Autumn Walks


In science today we went around the school site discovering and exploring the changes in nature as part of Autumn's arrival.