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For the rest of the week I would like you to write a letter to Class 4 telling them about some of the things you have been doing from home and what your daily routine has been. What books have you read? What have you spent honey pots on in spelling shed? What words have you spelt you couldn't spell before? 


I would love for you to try and include as many words with a split O_e , a split A_e and a splite I_e sound in as possible. I think for every 5 you can include it will be worth a house point when you return to school.


I cant wait to read it!

Today we are looking at Miss Oh No and the split O-E sound. Again we have a powerpoint, a video and a word search but, we also have to write a note to Miss Oh no!

I Wrote a Note

Today we are looking at the i_e split digraph with our friend the Yellow I. We have a powerpoint, some tricky words, a word search AND a new song for you today! Enjoy.

Having a Good Time