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Wednesday 25th November


Good morning little buddies! Today I would like you to record the key features of 2D shapes. Can you use a ruler and draw the following shapes and tell me how many sides they have?











Will you need a ruler to draw a circle?


What about a semi circle?


How many sides do these shapes have?

Tuesday 24th November


Good morning little buddies, I hope you've enjoyed shape week so far! I know some of the shapes we looked at yesterday were new for some and so we have more learning about them today. 


Once you've gone through the introduction powerpoint and answered the questions then can you go through the sorting powerpoint? 


Once you have done that, have you noticed any of these shapes in and around your home? What shape are reading books? What about a mug you drink from? Can you find any spheres? What's the most common 3D shape in your house?

Monday 23rd November, 2020


Good morning! This week is a brilliant week in Maths- SHAPE!!!! We all love shape here in school and hope you do at home. There are lots of shape activities you can do at home- shape hunts of household objects is always a favourite.

Thursday 19th November, 2020


Today, you have some word problems to solve. Don't worry about writing out the question, just pop your answers into your books.

Wednesday 18th November


Good morning little buddies! We've got another video to watch today and then lots of activities on the powerpoint. Can you record your questions and answers in your book? Make sure you solve the answer before you click for the next part of the slide or you will see the answers!!



Parts and wholes Activity

Tuesday 17th November


Good morning little buddies! We are looking at part part whole models again today, lots of different activities!

Part-whole model

Monday 16th November, 2020


Good morning, hope you've had a lovely weekend and that everyone is feeling ok.


This week in maths, we are looking at the part-whole model and how to use these to complete calculations. Can you write a umber sentence to match your part-whole model?

Friday 13th of November


Good morning Year 1! Today we are looking at solving missing number questions. Can you work out what are the missing numbers in these number sentences and solve them in your home learning book?



4 + ____ = 6

5 = ____ + 2

2 + 5 = ____

6 - ____ = 2

6 - ____ = 4

3 + ___  = 10



Can you create some questions for me to solve myself? Post them on tapestry for me to see!


Mr Nixon

Thursday 12th of November


Good morning! Today in maths we are looking at working with number bonds to 10 and manipulating the number sentences. Can you list all the number bonds to ten and show them as an addition and subtraction number sentence.


Here is an example.







If you need support with counting why not use anything from around the house? I find that using tasty edible treats helps with take away calculations.



Mr Nixon

Tuesday 10th November, 2020


Good morning boys and girls. After doing such a brilliant job with your number bonds to 10 yesterday, we have linked some challenge cards for you to have a go at today. Don't worry about printing them, these can be done in your home learning books. We would love to see your answers on Tapestry later today. We have also linked some number bond robots if you fancied some additional work.

Monday 9th November, 2020


Good morning! For those of you who can't be with us in school today, we have added some work for you to the website. If you complete today's work, please post it to Tapestry so we can see it. In class we are going to look at number bonds to 10. We have linked the 'Farmer Pete' video from YouTube which is always a huge hit! There is a tutorial and 2 activities for you to complete for today. If this is too difficult, on the second worksheet there is a blank ten's frame. Why not make your own number bonds to 10?



I have been counting numbers within ten, but I've made lots of mistakes! Please can you help me fix the problems before Miss Brown tells me off?



1 2 3 4 6

0 1 2 1 4

1 2 3 5 6

1 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 6 7 8



Good morning/ Afternoon!



Today in maths we are counting backwards on our number tracks, we have a range of different challenges showing different representations of numbers. Take your time and choose the level of challenge that you think is for you.




Good morning!



Today we are looking at counting forwards. Mr Nixon was making number tracks but he forgot some of the numbers!


Could you help him by counting forwards and filling in the missing ones?