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Have a go at completing the activities you haven't done from yesterday's Powerpoint. 

Today's  activities are all up to you! Choose as many or as little activities to complete from the Powerpoint as you like!

We are thinking about repeated patterns today. Click on the PPT below and listen through each slide whilst answering the questions. Can you build your own repeating pattern using your toys. You could even go outside and make a repeating pattern with natural resources. Think about different shapes and colours. As an extension, whilst you're not looking, ask your grown up to remove an object from your pattern, can you spot which has been removed? Swap and now you have a turn. 

Today you are continuing learning how to order numbers. First, click on the Hungry Rabbits Powerpoint and see if you can help the farmer by answering his questions. Next, either print the Superheroes missing number sheet or create your own straight into your book. See if you can fill in the gaps all the way to 20. Remember to think carefully about your number formation as you write. 

Watch the Numberblocks episode then practise counting forwards and backwards to 20. Have a go at making your own set of flashcards from 0-20 can you put them in the correct order?