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Saturday 25th April

We’re up to FIVE cm or new growth on the celery scraps! So exciting! 

Wednesday 22nd April 


Scrap update number two! We’ve got to 2 cm of growth in the celery! I’m very excited! 

Mr Nixon

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Tuesday 21st April


Kitchen scrap update 1!


We have some celery growth! Keep sending yours into seesaw so I can see how your scrap challenge is getting on! 

Mr Nixon



Picture 1

Ps, that’s Millie the dogs paddling pool, I don’t fit! 


Wednesday 1st April



Hi guys! I hope you are all doing better at telling the time than Millie is, she keeps saying it is tea time and I need to fill her bowl up, even though I've told her that her tea time is half five and not half twelve!


Keep up the hard work!


Year 1 team.

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