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At the Berkeley we aim to give children a Mathematical Mindset and a depth of understanding.

Maths is not about right and wrong it is about investigation and manipulation. It’s a journey of discovering facts and making mistakes along the way. In fact scientists have proven that making mistakes in maths can actually make our brains grow. The important thing is to learn from these mistakes.

The idea that some people are just good at maths and some people aren’t is a myth.                                                                              We can all do maths. Maths isn’t a test of memory it is an enquiry and at The Berkeley teaching and learning focuses on:


2) Reasoning

3) Problem solving


Fluency is about knowing number facts such at number bonds and tables. It is also about the understanding and flexibility of knowing when and how to apply these facts.

Reasoning is about explaining choices and looking for efficient methods. We can use known facts to work out other facts

eg I know that 6 +4 = 10 therefore I know 4+ 6 = 10, 10-6 = 4, 10-4 = 6,  60 + 40 = 100 and 40 + 60 = 100.

Problem solving is at the heart of mathematics and relies on fluency and reasoning skills. It sets us up to tackle life and make the right choices.

We aim to give children a deep understanding of maths concepts. We provide a range of resources to enable them to have a concrete, visual platform on which to build. From this they can work towards developing an understanding of the abstract.

Children learn a range of methods and are encouraged to show their working out in a series of ways including calculations, images and as a reasoned explanation. They learn new vocabulary which helps them explain their methods and choices.

A child who has mastered maths will be able to tackle a range of problems with confidence. They will probably make mistakes but able to learn from these and explain the processes and strategies they have used  to tackle a problem and the reason why they have chosen them. 



IM2 MATH Boosting Math BOALER

Parents and children, if you don't think you are very good at maths try watching this video.
The message is that we can ALL be great at maths.
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