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Monday 10th January

In science today, we are going to be starting our new topic which is 'Living Things and their Habitats'.  A habitat is an animal's home.  


Firstly, I would like you to fill in the KWL Grid.  The first column is for things that you already know about living things and habitats.  The second column is for things that you would like to know about different habitats.  Don't fill the last column in now because we will fill that in once we have learnt all about habitats.


Secondly, I would like you to have a go at the 'Concept Cartoon'.  It is a picture of some different people and what they think about worms and a worm's habitat.  Next to each person, I would like you to write down whether you agree with what that person thinks or not and, most importantly, WHY you agree or disagree.  This will help me to see what you already know.