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L.O. I can paint a picture with words


Do you remember the Sky Channel 999 advert we watch in class? (How could you not!)

It gives a fantastic example of how you can paint a picture with words. The only action in the story is the characters walking through the woods, but with all the description you can imagine exactly what it is like in your mind.


Today, I would like you to write me a descriptive piece like this. You can choose to continue one of the following two sentences:

  1. The path slowly disappears as they descend deeper into the jungle …


  1. They arrived at a curve in the deserted street. The only option was to continue …


Imagine what this would look like, the sounds that you might here, what the weather would be like.


I don’t want you to write me a story, simply a description of the scene that could be painted in detail.

I would expect a minimum of two paragraphs.


If you want to challenge yourself, you could write a description for both sentences.


I have included a link to the advert and the written script of it as a WAGOLL.


I would love it if you shared what you had written. I look forward to reading them!