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Wyrmstooth Crown – For this week's reading lesson we will be looking at the fantasy story 'Wyrmstooth Crown'. I have provided a link to the audiobook and also a pdf of the entire story. Click the link below and enter the pin 'CS7135'. Once you have read/listened to the first chapter of the story, ' Of Crowns and Caverns' , please click on the other resources tab at the bottom of the page. The next task is a self marking reading comprehension where you can choose your challenge and try and answer questions about the text. At the end of the task it will tell you which reading skill you are best at and which skill you maybe need a bit more practise on. If you are enjoying the story, I have included the whole audiobook using the above link or the pdf should work on most computers or tablets/phones.


Please note: This is the first time I have used this external website for online lessons. I have checked that it works and the only problem I have found is that sometimes the tab for other resources can be fiddly. I found the website is easier to use in landscape mode on phones or tablets.

Can you write endings to the sentences on the sheet? Write each full sentence out neatly in your book. If you need help with subordinate clauses, I have included some resources below.

Subordinating Conjunctions Resources