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Today’s task is to read or listen to Chapter 3 using the links below. Once you have done this see if you can answer the comprehension questions about this chapter. Don’t worry about writing them in your book today, instead say the answers out loud using full sentences. See if you are able to turn the words in the question around and use them in your answer.




Q: Why do you think Prince Pondicherry chose Willy Wonka?


A: I thinkthat Prince Pondicherry chose Willy Wonka because …



Tricky Challenge – Questions 1 – 8

Trickier Challenge – Questions 1 – 14

Trickiest Challenge – Questions 1 – 20.


Remember, don’t worry about writing the answers down today.


Additional Task – Please either read or listen to the book until the end of chapter 5. This will be important for our tasks later this week.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 3, 4, 5 Read Aloud





As you have some extra English work to do today, I have included a link to a quick SPaG game for you to play! Have a go at the spelling section of the game.