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Good morning little buddies! For those who are in school with us, you wont need to read this as we will be talking your through today's task. For those who are at home you will still be doing the same work we are doing here!


Today we are ordering numbers up to 50. As a starter I would love for you to create two piles of objects using your home learning counters and share it on seesaw for myself and the other children to count and compare. The trickier the better.


Then I would like you to sort the following numbers from smallest to largest


17   5   27


8   42   11


10  16   0


50    37   17


41    8    14




As a challenge I would like you use the < or > or = symbols to show the comparison between the two numbers below.




17     34

11     9

50     40

14+6      20

50        Double 20     

Y1 - Lesson 1 - Order numbers within 50