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So... What's the problem?


We are now in the main part of our story and we need our hero to face a problem. Your task today is to bullet point the 'problem' part of your story and add it to your story map. What does your character do when they are on their adventure? Are they on a journey? Do they have an encounter with a villain?


 Take your time, this is the main part of the story and the part where it looks like the hero might lose. Let's think about some famous stories. Can you think about what is happening during this part of the story. I will help you out with the first two.


  • The Ice Monster - Woolly is alive! Elsie notices that she is sad and wants to return to the Arctic to see her family. Elsie decides that she will help her to get back. How will she manage to get Woolly all the way home while avoiding The Professor and Lady Buckshot?
  • Stone Age Boy - The boy wakes up in prehistoric times and meets a girl. What will he do and how will he get back?
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - What happens when Charlie actually gets a golden ticket and visits the factory? Can you think about what the problem part of this story is?