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The Stone Trolls


Today's lesson is to read this page, to memorise and retell the story and to learn what the key words mean from the glossary. I have included an audio clip of the story at the bottom of the page to help you to read along.


There are many tales about the legendary troll that have been told and retold for centuries. Trolls are often thought to be very large, ugly creatures, like giants or ogres, that live in the mountains and are dangerous to human beings. But are all trolls like this? On a trip to a country called Iceland, I found some great stories about Icelandic trolls. I discovered that there are some terrible trolls but there are also some that are peaceful, friendly and helpful.



volcano: a mountain, usually shaped like a cone, with a large hole in the middle (called a crater), where hot, molten rock (called magma) and hot gas from the centre of the Earth erupts. Volcanoes can cause terrible destruction.


cave: a hole in rocks or mountains big enough for a person (or a troll!) to go into.


three-masted ship: large sailing ship powered by the
wind with three masts for the many sails.


basalt: volcanic rock.  It is very dark in colour.

sea stacks: pillars of rock, formed by the wind and the waves. These were once thought to have been arches of rock attached to the nearby cliffs.

The Stone Trolls

Mr Swift reads The Stone Trolls

The Stone Trolls by Dean Thompson