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This week we are learning a new story - Max's Jungle Adventure. Listen to the video on Tapestry to hear the story. There aren't many pictures for the story so you have to concentrate and use your listening skills. When you are listening think about these questions:

Where does Max go?

Who does he meet?

What does he see?

Watch Mrs Moores' video again and answer the questions using the speaking frame - see if an adult can listen to your answers. Pause the video after each question to give yourself thinking time. 

The activity for your books is to draw and then label the different things Max sees in the jungle. Watch Mrs Moores model the activity on the video. Concentrate on listening to the sounds in the words, find them on your sound mat and then try and write them in the correct order. If you can only write the initial sound in the word for your label that is great. You might need to listen to the story again to get more ideas for your picture.