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Prepositions are words that tell the reader where things are. They are really useful to help you describe a setting in your story. For example, in the story we have this example:


Below, the sea bubbled and foamed. Above, the full moon glared down.




 Imagine you are Skess and Landra, sitting, looking and listening.


  • What can you see above or below you?

  • What might you hear above or below you?


    Now let’s try writing some new sentences using your ideas.

    Start each of your sentences with the preposition Below or Above. Remember to use a comma when you start your sentence with a preposition (or a prepositional phrase like, Above the beach,). Also finish your sentence with a full stop.

  • Writing Tip: Try and describe the things you see or hear using some adjectives. For example:

Below, the rolling waves crashed over the rocky beach.


You could use this sentence template to help you:


Above, the ___________________________.

Below, the ___________________________.



English 18 01 2021

Trickier Challenge: Now write some additional sentences using some of these prepositions or prepositional phrases at the start of your sentence.


In the distance,_________________________________.


Above the beach, _________________________.


On the horizon, ___________________________.


In front, _________________________________.




For example:


In the distance, they could hear the low rumble of the other trolls, feasting on their hoard of freshly caught fish.