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Who Were the Ancient Egyptians?


In this lesson we will explore the question, Who Were the Ancient Egyptians? To start the lesson off, I would like you to use Google Earth to see if you can find where Egypt is. To do this, open Google Earth and type in Egypt in the search bar. If you zoom out can you see which continent Egypt is in and where it is in relation to Great Britain? If Google Earth doesn't work on your device then please use the Google maps link below instead.




Activity One: I can find Egypt.

Activity Two: Ancient Egypt research


Visit the two websites below to learn about Ancient Egypt.

Activity Three (written task) - I can find out about ancient Egyptian life by looking at artefacts.



Look at the different artefacts in the photo pack below. Think about what they might have been used for and what they tell us about life in ancient Egypt. Pick 2 of the artefacts that interest you the most and open the activity sheet. Can you answer as many questions as possible about each artefact? If you have access to a printer, you can print out the two artefact activity sheets that you are interested in and work directly on the sheet. If you do not have the ability to print out then please draw and label each artefact and answer as many questions as possible about each one. Try to write using full sentences and use because to help to explain your thoughts.


Here are some sentence templates to help you with your answers:


I think that this is a ___________ because _________.


I think it would have been used for _______ because ________.


I think that this could have been found ____________ because_____________.