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Today, we would like you to complete as many of the 2 step word problems on the activity sheet below as you can.  This is our last lesson on money so this is your chance to use everything you have learnt over the last couple of weeks.
You should remember that at the start of our money unit we asked you to have a go at answering some questions on money to find out what you already knew.  We would like you to have a think back to how you found this little assessment and have another go at the questions you found tricky last time.  You might choose to have a go at all of the questions again to show just how much you have learnt over the last few weeks.  However, you might decide to just have a go at the last few (if you found the first questions straight forward last time) which were a bit trickier to see if you can answer them better now.  Show us what you know!