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I can understand what was important to people during ancient Egyptian times.



Task One: The River Nile


Read through the Powerpoint below. When you get to the slide about the River Nile, look at the lesson resources at the bottom of the page and see the facts about the famous river. Think about why the river was important for the Ancient Egyptians.



Task Two: Picture Evidence.


Continue reading the Powerpoint until you get the the pictures. Spend 5 minutes looking at each picture and see if you can think about what each picture is showing you. Use the talking frame to help you to talk about each picture.




Task Three: I can order the Ancient Egyptian timeline (written task)


Look at the timeline on the powerpoint. See if you can order these events in your book. Draw and date each event and place them in chronological (time) order. We did this last term for the Stone Age and we learnt that for date that end with BC, we put the largest number first and order them until we get to the smallest number.