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Monday 1st February


National Storytelling Week


Morning everyone.  Today's reading lesson is a bit different as it is National Storytelling Week so I thought we would celebrate storytelling a bit differently.  Please watch the lesson I have created first to hear about the different activities you could try.  I have also got a game for you to play with me.  Once you have watched the lesson you might want to try some of the activities I have included or you might just want to go and read your favourite book.  I have attached a video of me reading a story with a special guest if you would like to watch it! 


I will still set up a folder on Teams if you want to send me a picture or video of what you have been up to but if you don't want to do that you can just click return without attaching anything so that I know you have done the lesson,


Thank you everyone for working so hard - children and adults - and I hope you have a fantastic time reading and telling stories,


Mr Wagg