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This week we are using the numbers  from 0 - 10. 
Today we are going to be learning about the number 9 and the number 10. Watch Mrs Moores' video to learn about what number 9 and 10 look like in a variety of ways and how we can spot 9 and 10 without even counting. Today you are going on a number 9 and a number 10 hunt. You can either print the sheet below or draw your own straight into your books. First show number 9 and 10 on the 10 frame by adding spots for counters. Then draw/take photos/cut and stick as many 9 and 10s as you can find around your house. This could be the numerals or 9/10 pieces of pasta, books, toys or spoons that you find. Remember to post your finished number hunt work on Tapestry.