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English Task - Learning and using new vocabulary and phrases from our example story (Friday's lesson).

For today's task we will be taking another look at Friday's example story. This term we will be writing our own lost story and we will be using this story as an example of a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like). Reread the story and note any words or phrases that are new to you. Once you have done that, look at the new vocabulary sheet. For today's task, we are going to add these words to our vocabulary by learning any unknown words and using them in a sentence. Spend 30 minutes learning any unknown words (from the text or the sheet above). Search and find out its meaning using a dictionary and then try to use it in a sentence. Don't worry if you make mistakes, this is part of the process of learning new things!



Reading Lesson - What can we learn about Harry from this extract?

Warm up activity - This is a centipede - Spend 1 minute jotting down everything that you already know about them.


Lesson Vocabulary - Google these words or find them in the dictionary. How are they pronounced? What do they mean? Can you use them in a spoken sentence?




For today's lesson, we are starting a new story. This is an extract taken from the start of the story and it describes our main character, Harry. Read the extract twice, paying special care to pause when you get to a comma. Once you have understood the extract, can you bullet point as many different pieces of evidence about how Harry looks or how he acts. Be careful! Some pieces of evidence are well hidden and you will have to infer meaning from the clues given.