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WAGOLL - The Space-bat-angel-dragon Arrives

L.O - I can use different conjunctions.


For today's lesson, we will be looking closely at what makes the story above a good example of an approaching threat story. We know that the author has used fantastic words and interesting phrases from Friday's lesson. Today we will be looking at how the author uses different conjunctions to extend sentences. When we are writing, we tend to overuse the word 'and' and our story often contains lots of 'and then' this happened 'and then' that happened 'and then' they did something else. Before we realise it, we have very long sentences that are hard for the reader to understand.


Starter Task.


Can you find these sentences in the text above? They all use different conjunctions to explain to the reader that something is happening at the same time as something else.


  1. Its fangs snapped while its roar rumbled for miles.

  2. Bewildered people watched in wonder over coming nights as this glittering fiery star ball drew

    closer and closer and closer.

  3. Then talk turned to fear as a spec of blackness appeared to emerge from the star’s centre.



Can you have a go at changing the end of these sentences.


1. Its fangs snapped while  

2. Bewildered people watched in wonder over coming nights as

3. Then talk turned to fear as


You might have something like:  


Its fangs snapped while its tail thrashed around. 



Once you have had a go at this, we are now ready to use different conjunctions to finish off some sentences from The Iron Giant. We will be trying to make the character of The Iron Man to seem very scary and threatening to the reader. I have included chapter one and the start of chapter two of The Iron Giant below if you have forgotten this part of the story.


Main Task


Use the sheet attached below to see some different sentence openers and conjunctions. Your task is to try and finish each sentence using one of the conjunctions. You can use the same one more than once. Try to use as many different ones as you can and experiment with using conjunctions that you don't often use. This is what makes us good writers and making mistakes is part of the journey. I will include an example below to get you started. Once you have finished this task, take a photograph and send it via Microsoft Teams at the end of the day. If you would like some help then please email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.






A giant hand reached towards the windscreen as Hogarth's father raced away.

Reading Lesson One - Poetry


I can make inferences from the text



For today's reading lesson, we will be looking at a poem. This poem is all about feelings but it doesn't tell us how the character is feeling. We need to work it out for ourselves by looking for clues in the poem. This is called inference. 


How do you think this child is feeling?







That's right, they are feeling left out and sad. Another word for this is the word excluded. This will show up in our poem later. Before we read the poem, lets look at some of the vocabulary that might be tricky.




We know that excluded means to feel left out but can you think about what the other two phrases mean? 



Tug on my heart strings is an idiom and it means to make your heart feel something.


Like a force of gravity is a simile and means like a powerful force.




We will read the poem now. Our lesson question is:


As we read through the poem, think about how the child is feeling. You could underline any words or phrases that tell you this.





The Force That is Friendship

Listening to the reading of the poem and think about how the child is feeling. How does it make you feel about their friendship? Is mum right?

Reading Task - draw the outline of the child from the poem. Write examples of feeling words that you found in the poem around them. On the inside, write you own feeling words that describe how the child is feeling. I have included an example to get you started.