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I can use conjunctions to extend sentences.



For today's task, we will be continuing to use different conjunctions to extend our sentences. This lesson will focus on the part in the story that we will be retelling this week, when Hogarth first sees The Iron Man. See if you can use adjectives in your sentences and don't forget to check that you have capital letters and full stops. 


Warm up task: Click the super movers link below to warm up your body and mind before this lesson. Can you sing and dance along to the conjunction song?



Main task: Complete the worksheet below.




Reading Lesson 4 - Forces of Nature


How can we perform this poem effectively?



For today's lesson, we will be learning how to perform a poem. Before we start. Listen to the audio clip of Mr Swift reading out the poem. What did he do well and how could he improve it? Is there a rhythm to the poem? Should some parts be loud and others soft? Why?


Watch the video of the author and poet, Michael Rosen performing some of his poems. Once you have done this, see if you can perform the poem 'Forces of Nature'. If you can, record yourself and listen back to it. 


You do not need to submit this lesson's work to Microsoft Teams but if you want you, you could send an audio recording of you performing the poem to and we can have a listen to your performance.







Forces of Nature

Listen to this recording of the poem. How can you make it better?

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories