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I can write my own approaching threat story


For today's lesson, you will be writing your own approaching threat story. This will be five paragraphs long and will be very similar to the Iron Man threat story that we wrote last week. Although the setting will be the same (a cliff), your threat and your main character will be different.


You might have a dragon threat, dinosaur threat or maybe even a grumpy giant snake threat.


First, think about the kind of threat that you will be introducing. Use a threat that you know a bit about. Maybe you have seen a film with them in it. Think about how it moves and what abilities it has (breathing fire, sharp teeth, poisonous fangs).


Think about your main character. Wil they be a brave boy or girl or will they be frightened? Will they be alone or with a friend?


Once you have decided on these things, start writing your story using the template below to help you. Remember to include capital letters, full stops, conjunctions, adjectives and paragraphs. You might try to use adverbs, questions and similes to really make your story stand out. Remember to keep the reader guessing about what the threat might be until you reveal it in paragraph 3. Your aim is to thrill and entertain the reader.


Paragraph One:


  • Describe the setting.
  • Something strange happens.


Paragraph Two:


  • The threat appears in the distance.
  • Your character might see some of its features.


Paragraph Three:


  • The threat gets closer.
  • Describe the threat. What does it look, sound and move like?
  • How does your main character feel?


Paragraph Four:

  • The threat gets close enough that it could cause harm to your character. It may damage the setting (ground, trees)
  • Your main character will be very frightened and feel threatened.


Paragraph Five:

  • How does your character escape the threat?