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myON and is produced by a company called Renaissance,  the programme, we use in school to ensure your child is reading books at the appropriate level. If your child is on Accelerated Reader and gets their reading book from the school library, then you can link your child’s myON account to their Accelerated Reader account and then you can search for books using their ZPD range. Please see the parent guide below, which includes instructions and links to short video tutorials that explain in detail how to log in, search for books to read and how to link your child’s account to get their ZPD (if applicable).  Electronic books will never replace a real book and nor is it intended to. We want children to read lots of different genres, both fiction, and non-fiction, and enjoy reading. myON works alongside your child’s physical reading book. 

Please note that children who are working through the phonics programme do not have Accelerated Reader accounts will not use myON independently but books may be shared at school as part of wider cross-curricular teaching.

To login:

1. Please visit

2. Click on the ‘myOn Login’ button.

3. Enter ‘The Berkeley Academyl’ as the school name.

4. Enter your child’s username and password  (Full name as it appears on the register in capital letters with a full stop separating the first and second name and password ABC)