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Own activity

For these sessions, we have given you time to do what you would like to. Instead of other subjects, we felt it would be more beneficial for you to do the things you love that we might not be able to do in school. However, ideally these will be activities that do not involve a screen!


You might like to:

- do some baking

- do some drawing

- complete one of Mrs Capper's eco challenges

- spend time researching your interests and create a mini project

- read your favourite book

- play with your brothers and sisters

- go for a walk (remember to add your miles to the wellbeing challenge!)

- phone a family member or a friend

- write a letter to a family member or a friend

- catch up on any work

- play in the garden

- help cook tea

- make some crafts

- do a Science experiment

- just have a rest!