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Because we know that you all might be doing things slightly differently each day, we are not timetabling your P.E. at a specific time in case it doesn't suit your home routine. 

However, here are some P.E. resources that we hope you will enjoy and use. You obviously don't have to use just one of them!


Keep in mind that PE with Joe Wicks is going ahead again during this lockdown. It is going to start again from Monday 11th, but only on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday this time. 

YouTube LIVE - Virtual PE with Tommy


From 11.01.21 (NEXT MONDAY) Sports Coaching Group will be going LIVE EVERYDAY at 10am!


Everyday we will have a Virtual PE with Tommy the Tiger (15 minute circuit style, followed by a different PE lesson everyday)


Please see the programme below:


Monday: 15 minute circuit & Boxing

Tuesday: 15 minute circuit & COMPETITION (weekly winners)

Wednesday: 15 minute circuit & Early Years

Thursday: 15 minute circuit & Dance

Friday: 15 minute circuit & Sport Specific FUNdamental skills


This programme will run EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK of Lockdown.


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