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Click on the link below and enjoy a game of buried treasure! You might want to have a go at some of the other phonics games on phonics play!

Read ‘The Big Turnip’ PowerPoint or eBook. Each page has an optional section for an adult to read, shown at the bottom of each page. This text is not critical for the understanding of the story but adds further detail to bring the story to life.

On the last page, read the words.

Read the HFWs and the CVC+ words, including those that use previously taught graphemes.

Can you use words from the story to write CVC+ words, some of which use Phase 3 graphemes?


crunch scrunch crash smash blast strong string spring grabs slugs snack grill 

We are continuing learning to read and write polysyllabic words today. First, ask someone to hide the flashcards from yesterday around your house. Can you go on a hunt to find all the words and write them on a piece of paper. Next, practice reading the words whilst clapping each syllable. How many syllables in each word? Finally, click on the document below to play the words game. If you land on green choose a green square to read and if you land on yellow choose a yellow square to read. 

Today in phonics we are learning to read 'polysyllabic' words. They are words that have 2 or more syllables. Click on the PPT to read the story of The Three Goats. Next, click on the PDF document and have a go at reading the words. You could either print or make your own. Have a go at cutting the words into the syllables and then jumbling them up before building them back together. 

Speed read the Reception HFW flashcards, how quickly can you read them all?


Watch the video then read the Old MacDonald song lyrics.
Sing the song using the traditional tune. What CCVCC words can we hear?


grunt stamp sniff blink

Use the song to talk about the A, E, I and O sounds. How are these sounds different to the short a, e, i and o? Which Monster Phonics characters make these sounds?