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At The Berkeley when teaching RE we will aim to help all children to develop an understanding of the place that religion plays in people’s lives and how it has influenced history and the growth and development of society. We will use the Cheshire Syllabus as our scheme of work and will establish meaningful links with the other subjects of the curriculum. Our aim is to develop a curiosity to learn about religion that will help children understand about faiths, beliefs and how religion has influenced both the development of mankind and the society in which we live.



  1. To help all children develop an understanding of religion, faith and belief.
  2. To enable children to learn about key religious leaders and their impact on our lives.
  3. To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the growth, development and influence of Christianity and other world faiths on history, society and our lives today.
  4. To develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of religious education.