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To do this we give children opportunities to read with staff and friends. We read for pleasure and to develop our reading skills. We learn to use phonics to sound out words and we learn to use the text to decode tricky words.

We aim to develop our understanding of texts by improving our comprehension skills.

Firstly we learn to PEE - That is, Point at the Evidence and Explain.

This allows us to show exactly how we have understood the text and used it, rather than our own knowledge, to answer a question.


Understanding texts isn’t easy but children use these strategies and persevere. Some children may find reading hard work so at The Berkeley we aim to show children the enjoyment of sharing books, particularly stories.            We ensure children at all levels of reading ability hear and access a range of quality texts so that they can begin to develop an understanding of books and start to find favourite books and authors. Each class has a class reader which they share at the end of the day. We also choose our texts for literacy carefully, selecting books that are engaging and exciting.


The more children read or are read to, the more they will improve as readers so please keep reading with your children and record it in their diaries each week. 

Teachers keep a record of how many times children read each week. Regular reading is celebrated and rewarded in each class.

We encourage children to bring in books they enjoy and encourage parents to come into school as 'Secret Readers' which has proved very popular with children.


Over the year we plan to promote reading further by extending children's opportunities to read widely and frequently at school and at home. 

If you wish to discuss anything with your child's teacher about reading, please make an appointment to come and see us.

We have created displays and Story Corners.

We also have a colourful and inviting library full of banded books and Free Readers.

Visiting Author


Class 12 were fortunate to meet with author and adventurer Michael McCarthy. Michael suffered a severe head injury when he was younger but is hasn't deterred him from achieving some remarkable things such as writing his own books, climbing Mount Kenya and completing the London Marathon.

Many people have inspired by Michael's resilience and determination and by the end of his visit Class 12 were ready to take his advice and  'be their best selves'. Michael kindly left us two  signed copies of his book which can be borrowed from the school library.


A huge thank you to all the children who took part in the Usborne Sponsored Read and to all the parents, grandparents, friends and relatives who sponsored them. We raised a phenomenal amount and have ordered a range of books for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the school's achievement, nursery also raised a very impressive £144.50.

WORLD BOOK DAY! The whole school took part in celebrating the joy of reading. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and enjoyed many reading or book based activities. As part of our day we organised a book swap where children brought in a book they had read and swapped it with someone from a parallel class.