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READING (9.20-10)READING (9.20-10)SPaG (9.20-10)READING (9.20-10)READING (9.20-10)
WRITING (10-11)WRITING (10-11)MATHS (10-11)WRITING (10-11)WRITING (10-11)
MATHS (11.30-12.30)MATHS (11.30-12.30)WRITING (11.30-12.30)MATHS (11.30-12.30)MATHS (11.30-12.30)


Above is a timetable for w.c. 14.06.21 and w.c. 21.06.21 

The lessons in red are those lessons that will be 'LIVE STREAMED' (LINKS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOUR CHILD'S TEAMS ADDRESS). You may need resources for these lessons so please ckeck in the sections below (English/Reading/Maths) The blue lessons will have work provided for them- found in the 'Topic' section.

A guide for how to upload learning through Microsoft Teams

As you know it is extremely important that we look after our mental health right now.  This isolation diary booklet for children will help nurture wellbeing. 


There are 10 daily challenges but these don’t take long to do. It is a matter of doing a bit of colouring, writing a word or number. If they can’t do them all then that is fine but the more they do the more likely they will be fully occupied on nurturing their wellbeing.