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Safeguarding Council


We are the school representatives who assist Mr Birchenough (our Safeguarding Lead) and Miss Brown (our Head Teacher) in all aspects of keeping the school community safe. We think that our job is very important as we are a vital part of everyday life in the school.


We help to make sure that everything in the school is secure and safe for all of us.  We are responsible for updating the information signs on the school noticeboards and ensuring that children can see posters which may help us all think about being kind to others - or if we are worried about being able to stay safe online.  Another really important thing that we do is to help the staff find any safety hazards around the site - especially during the building works that we have at the moment. We spend time with Miss Brown discussing how we can make our school better - and most importantly, SAFER for all!

These are the notes from our most recent meeting of the Safeguarding Council


Safeguarding Council Meeting 19.04.2018



  1. School site overview.

  2. Safety around the building.

  3. Ideas for promoting Safeguarding around school.

  4. Themes for forthcoming assemblies.


The Safeguarding Council met at 12:00 on 19th April 2018 so that they could undertake a review of the school site in light of preparing to open the new drop-off zone to the front of the school building and to ensure that previous potential hazards have been dealt with. The council toured the whole school site, including an examination of works still in progress on the school field.



1a. Potential dangers including an open school site during construction work and unmarked drainage have been completely addressed.

1b. Some small gaps found between new gates – are these being infilled?

1c. Ground outside the new-build is unsafe, but IS securely cordoned-off.

1d. Two gates leading onto the new car park/play area do NOT have locks to secure. This was questioned as the council felt that this area may be not be secure due to the fact that it is possible for an adult to get under the exit gates at the far end of the new drop-off area. Do these gates need locks? Safeguarding Council view is ‘yes’

1e. One piece of temporary fencing stored unsecured at the front of school – better to tie to fence or place on grass for safety.

1f. Field needs to be cleared and prepared due to building waste. Large tracks/ditches on the field will need levelling as they are a potential danger.

1g. Once the field has been mowed, could children be allowed back on if supervised, even if the far end has not been completed?


2a. Access to field at rear of school by the temporary fence needs monitoring. Teachers must ensure that the fencing is placed closed and the ends secured in the weights provided. Two areas were open at lunchtime, although children were supervised in a sporting activity.

2b. C.C. undertook a survey of class/exit doors during the afternoon session. Eight classroom doors were open and the Year 5 access doors were also open. Raise this with Miss Brown to check rules.


3a. Ideas for refreshed/renewed Safety posters/competitions were:

  • Railway Safety

  • Internet Safety

  • Staying safe at playtimes (mainly focused on the re-opening of the field)


4a. Ideas for Safeguarding assembly themes included:

  • Anti-bullying update

  • Staying safe on the internet

  • Staying safe in the school grounds

  • Road Safety

  • Railway Safety (do we have Transport Police/similar contacts available to come in?)


Notes made by Heather  Year 6