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We have come to the end of our science unit all about plants!  You have done some amazing work so far.  Today, we are going to do something a little different.  We know how much you have all enjoyed playing on Karate Cats so we thought you might like to have a go at playing on Galaxy Pugs which is a similar sort of game but for science!  Choose the plants topic to have a go at first then if you would like to have a go at the other topics then you can if you want.
We have also given you some different science experiments to have a go at if you would like to.  Some of them are the Berkeley Bachelor of Science award experiments that you may have already done.  As some of these need certain pieces of equipment or 'ingredients', you might like to choose one now, make your predictions etc but then complete the experiment another time when an adult can help and you have what you need.  Whichever you choose to do, have fun!