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Summer 2021


Out of this World.


This half term we are looking beyond the world we learned about before Easter and looking into space. 

Areas we will investigate include

  1. The Solar System
  2. Sunlight and Space Travel
  3. Earth and Space
  4. Is there anybody out there?
  5. Day and night
  6. Phases of the moon.


In English we will look at one man's dream to fly in the beautifully illustrated book FArTHER by Graeme Baker-Smith and comparing it to the poem Grannie as well as using it to inspire our own story writing and poetry.

Taking a lead from the characters in FArTHER we will explore creating working devices such as levers and cogs and use mechanisms to design and create moving objects.


There are many other exciting things in store this term which you can find out about on our newsletter below,

If you have anything you are particularly interested in that you'd like to share or learn more about in school, let us know.