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We can't believe we are already in the Summer term! This year has flown by! Please carry on reading to find out what we will be studying this summer term.


In English we will look at The Lost Book Of Adventure which is a beautifully illustrated text.

In Maths we start by learning about fractions and decimals before moving on to properties of shapes and measuring angles. 


In PE we are starting with cricket this half term and then will move on to rounders after half term. Remember, PE is on a Wednesday. 


In history we will be discovering what life was like in 900AD in another part of the world (The Early Islamic Civilisation), as we already know about Britain in 900AD (Viking Britain). This will enable us to make comparisons. 


Our main humanities focus will, however, be Geography. This is one of favourites....rainforests! Which will link well to our class text and also our science topic which is all about animals.


In Design Technology we will finish making our moving toys and then move onto create rainforest structures.


There are many other exciting things in store this term such as our 'Survival Day' on Friday 22nd April (a letter has been sent out with more information) which we will keep you updated with through the 'latest news' section of the class page. 


If you have anything you are particularly interested in that you'd like to share or learn more about in school, let us know.


Homework will continue to be found on the 'homework' section of the class page and will continue to be: My Maths and either SPaG or Reading alternately.