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The KEEE to ‘Doing Your Best’

at The Berkeley Academy


Our Curriculum Drivers should prioritise and personalise our learning and support us to constantly consider how and what we teach.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Discovering the Differences and Variety of the World)


  • Widen general knowledge  
  • Involvement in local community 
  • Celebrating diversity 
  • Real life learning 
  • Be inspired by the impact of important individuals in our world 
  • Use technology 
  • Determination to explore the living world around us 


Emotional Awareness (Thinking of Others and Improving Yourself)


  • Teaching empathy, courtesy and honesty 
  • Growth mindset to strive and have a passion for excellence 
  • Helping children be a caring friend 
  • Developing spiritual and moral values 
  • Children help by taking on responsibilities within the school 
  • Love challenge and reflect on their own learning 
  • Be motivated, committed and positive 


Enterprise (Preparing for Life and Working Effectively as a Team)


  • Teach financial awareness and responsibility 
  • Work effectively as a team 
  • Think creatively and flexibly to solve problems 
  • Equip children for the future and to be forward facing 
  • Listen and communicate effectively with others 
  • Support and encourage 
  • Develop enterprising skills 


Enquiry (Finding Out Answers to Challenges and Problems)


  • Encourage children to be inquisitive and questioning 
  • Promote risk taking to achieve 
  • Develop resilience and perseverance 
  • Support collaborative learning 
  • Empower children to be independent learners 
  • Provide opportunities for application of skills 
  • Nurturing problem solvers