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Thursday 23.04.2020

LO: I can write a persuasive advert.


Today you are going to pick a product/item and write a radio advert for that product. It should be something you love so that you can be enthusiastic and excited about it. Remember to include as many features of AFOREST as possible plus some of the words/phrases you sorted in your activity yesterday. To give you a few ideas, I have included an example of an advert I have written about something I love (I bet you can't guess what that might be!!). As always, we would love to see your work on Seesaw. Remember to check for spellings, punctuation and best handwriting.


Challenge 1: Use AFOREST in a different order so that you don't always start with Alliteration and finish with the Three.


Challenge 2: If you really want to try and challenge yourself, you could write an advert about something you absolutely hate. You will need to use positive words and make it sound like the best thing ever! Good luck.