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English Lesson

Lesson 1: Personification and predictions.


Task one - Look at the picture of the boy in his bed. Set a 2 minute timer and create a list of all of the nouns that you can see. Once you have done that, set the timer again and see if you can add an adjective to each noun. Example: 


Example: The frightened boy.



Task 2 - Watch the video explaining personification and look at the examples on the sheet below. See if you can write 5 sentences that contain personification in them.


Example: The tall shadows danced on the bedroom walls.



Task 3: Write a brief prediction explaining what you think the book will be about.

Reading lesson: Pippi Longstocking 


Today we are starting a new book, Pippi Longstocking. Our anchor question today are:


  • What impression do you get of Pippi Longstocking when you first meet her in the story?
  • Which words and phrases does the author use to give you this impression?


To answer these questions, we need to read the extract below and learn the new vocabulary. 

Lesson Resources



Once you have done this, draw the outline of Pippi and on the outside of the outside write down words and phrases that describe Pippi's appearance. On the inside of the the outline, write down words or phrases that describe her personality, skills or traits. You will get some of these from the extract but you might be able to find others using inference.