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St George and the Dragon


Read/listen to the story of St George and the Dragon. Write a short paragraph about your opinion of the story. Did you enjoy it? Had you heard it before? Who did you think were the heroes and villains of the story? Did you feel sorry for any of the characters? What would do to improve the story?


Is is important that after you state your thoughts and feelings, you are able to explain them by using the conjunction because. You may also be able to use other ISAWAWABUB conjunctions in your paragraph.


Optional Challenge: Were there any words that you didn't understand in the story? Use the internet or a dictionary to find out the meaning.

St.George and the Dragon

Audiobook version of the story

SPaG - I can use better words than 'said'.

For today's SPaG task, said is dead! Can you write out and improve each sentence by using words that are better than said. For word ideas, check out the word mat on the last page of the document.