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I can identify subordinate clauses

Today we are trying to find subordinate clauses. We have briefly looked at these in the classroom when we have been introducing subordinate conjunctions to our sentences. For today's task, choose your challenge. If you have printed off the sheet, see if you can underline the subordinate clause (the additional detail in the sentence that wouldn't make sense on its own) and circle the conjunction. If you are not able to print this off, then just verbalise the different parts of the sentence.


Once you have done this, write out sentences 6-10 in your book. Choose appropriate conjunctions from the word box on the sheet or choose your own. If you do decide to do the most challenging sheet, you can either copy out and mark where the clauses and conjunctions are in the extract or you can just verbalise where they are in each sentence. When you have finished, check the answers to see how many you got correct.



I can write a paragraph containing subordinate clauses

See if you can write a short paragraph about the picture. Can you use a subordinating conjunction in three of your sentences. For and additional challenge, are you able to start any sentences using ISAWAWABUB conjunctions? Don't forget to use commas in your sentences!