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Willy Wonka Description


Read over your work from yesterday so that it is fresh in your mind for today's lesson. Your task is to write a detailed description about Willy Wonka. Imagine that you are Roald Dahl, introducing the character for the first time in one of the first paragraphs in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. You'll need to describe his appearance so look closely at Quentin Blake's picture of him. Think about how he acts and moves around. Finally, you might want to describe where he lives/works. A person's home and possessions can tell the reader a lot about his character and motivations.


Set a timer for 30 minutes and write about Willy Wonka. Use your word mat and plan to help you to organise your writing. Remember to write a new paragraph when you change subject. Use conjunctions to link ideas and use similes to improve your description. Don't rush through this.


Quality is always better than quantity when writing.

SPaG - What is an adverb?


Visit the website to recap over adverbs. Now watch the video once through to enjoy it. On the second viewing see how many adverbs that you can think of to describe the verbs  (actions) in the video. You might want to describe what the birds are doing or what is happening with the waves. Remember, -ly adverbs are the easiest to spot in a sentence but there are other types of adverbs. Adverbs can tell you where something happened and when something happened. See the word mat below for ideas before you start this task. 

Adverb Word Mat