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Today we would like you to become wizards and witches and create your own magic potions!  Choose a price list of ingredients you can use and add up the cost of each potion.  We would like you to make at least 5 different potions by choosing 2 different ingredients to add together.  If you are feeling confident and would like to put more than 2 ingredients into your potion then you can do but you must find the total cost of your potion.  Maybe have a think about what magic powers your potions will have.  Will they turn your hair rainbow colours, will they turn food into chocolate when you put a drop of it on your meal or will they give people the ability to fly?    Write down your combinations of ingredients in your book along with the cost.  


For example:

Wizard's beard + Snake fangs = 34p + 12p = 46p


Don't forget to partition the numbers first if you need to so that you can add the ones together then the tens like this:

34p + 12p =

30p + 10p = 40p

4p + 2p = 6p

40p + 6p = 46p